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Grey backsplash tile over country style kitchen sink,

Backsplash Tile in Dothan, AL 

Are you tired of paint or wallpaper, or need something more compatible with the daily splashes and splatters behind your kitchen and bathroom sinks? A custom tile backsplash is all that and so much more. 


The tile experts at Brian-Holloway Carpet One Floor & Home in Dothan, AL, are here to help you take your kitchen or bathroom from dated to custom and modern. Often when homeowners are updating their homes, they overlook backsplash tile.


You can transform your space simply by updating the walls with backsplash tile, and they are easy on your budget. Originally, backsplash tile was a means to keep kitchen messes under control, but today it has become the centerpiece of most remodels, allowing homeowners to add their personality to their space.


Are you feeling creative? Let's work together to create the perfect tile backsplash down to every color, texture, and shape! 


Best Types of Tile Backsplashes 

The world of tile expands by the minute, bringing endless options for backsplashes and beyond. Here are a few examples of popular tile products to install on your walls



Where Can I Install Backsplash Tile? 

Tile backslash is a traditional favorite for the space behind your sink, but no need to stop there. 


As it turns out, there are plenty of places where we need regular moisture protection, while adding a striking style statement. Install a tile backsplash in the kitchen & bath: they're especially great behind your sink, stove, countertops, shower, and tub. A tile backsplash behind a laundry sink or laundry room countertop can likewise bring in good looks while guarding against soapy spills and splatters. Other sites for a tile backsplash include: 



What To Consider As We Plan Your Backsplash Project

When choosing tile for your new backsplash, it's important to keep a few things in mind. 


Although the walls in your kitchen and bathroom aren’t all that functional, you can make them stylish using backsplash tile. Use your current home décor to draw inspiration from, or get creative and express your personality. Our flooring professionals can also help you become inspired and we have samples of backsplash tile for you to look at.


We'll use our eyes for design to help you translate your ideas into a real design based on your lifestyle and needs.  Do you have a large family? Are you fond of pets, or do you tend to spend a lot of time working in your garden? Are you on a tighter budget? All of these answers will help us determine which type of tile is right for you. 


Can I Keep My Tile Backsplash Clean? 

With minimal effort, you can clean just about any accidental mess, and stains are no longer a fear. Not only are backsplashes functional, but a custom backsplash also adds style to your space.


Just like tile flooring, tile backsplashes are also low maintenance. You can replace individual tiles relatively easily if something happens. Sometimes this is out of necessity, but it doesn’t have to be. You can essentially update the entire look of your kitchen with one small, low-effort change, and the best part is that a small section of tile is never terribly expensive.


Where Can I Find Backsplash Tile Near Me?

Visit Brian-Holloway Carpet One Floor & Home for the best selection of backsplash tile and tile installation services in Dothan, Alabama. Our Room by Room product displays make it fun and easy to experience our many tile products firsthand. 


Contact us today or visit our local showroom to learn more about wall tile in Alabama. 

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