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Hardwood Flooring Installations 

Now that you have chosen the perfect hardwood floor for your home, it’s time to have it installed. Our team of flooring experts can help you choose the best hardwood for your home and they can also guide you through the installation process. No matter what your needs happen to be, we can work with you every step of the way.

You’ll find everything you need when it comes to hardwood at Brian-Holloway Carpet One Floor & Home. Be sure to visit our showroom to see our collection first-hand.

How is Hardwood Flooring Installed?

We recommend going with professionals to have your floors installed in your home simply to ensure you have the best experience possible. When you buy hardwood floors from us and have us install them, you’ll have floors that are backed both by our award-winning warranties and by The Beautiful Guarantee.

The most important first step when installing hardwood floors is to have a dry subfloor because hardwood naturally absorbs any moisture and can lead to damage. After your subfloor is prepped and your hardwood has been acclimated to your room, we begin the installation. There are a few different methods of installation depending on which hardwood product you choose. Engineered hardwood can be nailed or glued down, or you can choose a floating floor installation. For solid hardwood, you can choose from nail down or glue down.

Where Can Hardwood be Installed?

Depending on which type of hardwood you choose plays a role in where you can install them. Not all hardwood can be installed in every space of your home and has its limitations. Learn more about the differences between solid and engineered hardwood options and where they are best suited to be installed.

Hardwood Flooring in Living rooms

Installing hardwood in your living room not only adds value to your home but also brings style and durability. Its character and detailed looks are almost impossible to exactly replicate. Engineered hardwood is a great option for living rooms because it is dimensionally stable and can handle more foot traffic as well as children and pets.

Hardwood Flooring in Bedrooms

Hardwood makes your bedroom feel more open and luxurious. It can handle the moderate level of traffic in this space as well. Hardwood is an allergy friendly option and will not trap dust or dirt, making it super simple to clean.

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