• Feb 05, 2016
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Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year

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After much research and deliberation, Simply White OC-117 was chosen as the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year. If the thought of white walls leaves you wanting more, we suggest you keep reading. By utilizing the following techniques, white paint colors, like Simply White, can create a far-from-simple vibe that will have you white-washing your walls in no time.


Layering various shades of white adds texture, complexity and charm to an all white room. Pictured to the left below, you'll find walls in Benjamin Moore's Paper White OC-55, trimmed with Ice Mist OC-67 Natura Semi-Gloss and accompanied by flooring in Ice Mist OC-67 Floor & Patio Low-Sheen. An antique white-washed chair adds a final layer to the quaint seating area. Further, you can add warmth to your white walled room with the addition of natural and organic décor elements. Unfinished and antique woods, woven fibers, furs and linens add the perfect amount of depth to a white backdrop. Pictured to the right below, you'll find a combination of layers and natural elements creating a stunning yet welcoming living area. Walls in Simply White Aura Matte, trim in Ice Mist Advance Semi-Glass and hardwood flooring in Ice Mist Floor & Patio Low-Sheen are warmed with rustic beams, boards and an array of natural décor elements.

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Framing an accent color with white makes for stunning statement walls. Couple with white furnishings and your room will truly be eye-catching. Pictured to the left below, Benjamin Moore's periwinkle-like, Enchanted 2070-50, stands out against the clean white fireplace in Ice Mist OC-67 paired with a white modern dining room set. Another option for pairing your white walls is to highlight with sections of contrast. Pictured to the right below, walls in Benjamin Moore’s Ice Mist OC-67 are highlighted with a saturated indigo interior door in Patriot Blue 2064-20 and an exterior door in striking Black Ink 2127-20. Whether you frame or highlight, you're sure to create stunning contrast.



To explore more Benjamin Moore colors and learn additional painting techniques, visit www.benjaminmoore.com.


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